On line Courses for aircraft technical professionals worldwide.

Online Training Courses is a specialized remote training program designed by Ωmega Aviation Academy specifically for aircraft technical professionals worldwide.

The program provides students with a unique opportunity to receive EASA-compliant training without leaving their homes or offices. The training materials supported by other integrated solutions allow aircraft technical specialists and their employers to receive specialized aviation training in-house thus substantially saving both time and money.

Online Training Courses offers comprehensive continuing and re-current training courses for aircraft maintenance specialists, available from any location worldwide. Moreover, all training is provided via the use of engaging videos which can be viewed, re-viewed and stopped at any time to grant all the students added convenience and the opportunity to learn at one’s own individual pace.

The Online Training program is backed by a dedicated team highly qualified specialist from all around the world and designed based on the extensive experience of Ωmega, an international aircraft technical support training organization.

Based in Athens, Greece, Ωmega Aviation Academy is certified as an EASA Part-147 training organization providing comprehensive theoretical and practical technical studies.